WebAdvisor is a convenient way for you to register for classes online. Whether you want to update your information (phone, address, and email address), view your grades, check on your Financial Aid status, pay your tuition, print your course schedule, order official transcripts, print student transcripts, or evaluate your progress towards your current goals, WebAdvisor makes it all possible.


Using WebAdvisor

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WebAdvisor Username/Password

Typically, the username is your first initial, middle initial and full last name.

Example: If your name is Benjamin Tom Franklin, then your username would be btfranklin.

The first time you log into WebAdvisor, the password is your six digit birthday. Example: If your birthdate is July 11, 1993, then your six digit birthdate is 071193. A message will appear telling you that your password has expired. At this point, you will create a new password that 6-9 characters long with a combination of letters and numbers.

Having Problems Logging In?

If you are unsure of your username/password, you can click on “what’s my username” on the left-hand side of the WebAdvisor page. There is also an option to reset your password.

Please contact the Records and Registration Office at 704-922-6232 or gcregistrar@gaston.edu if you need further assistance. We will be happy to assist you with your username information and/or resetting passwords.

Registering for Classes in WebAdvisor

Returning students may register for classes through WebAdvisor during registration time periods published on the academic calendar.

Registering for classes through WebAdvisor is simple! We have provided step-by-step instructions for you to follow on the Registration Instructions Sheet. Please view your class schedule to be sure your registration is complete.

Once the semester begins, registration must be completed in-person. If the class is seated, we can register you up until the class meeting time. If the class is online with a seated orientation, we can register you up until the time of the orientation. If the online class does not have a seated orientation, you have two business days during the fall/spring to register and one business day during the summer to register.

Paying for Classes in WebAdvisor

Tuition is due by the published date on the academic calendar. If you do not have payment arrangements (payment plan, financial aid, or tuition paid in full) in place by the tuition deadline, your classes may be cancelled.

If you would like to pay for your tuition in full, you may do so in WebAdvisor. It is important to know that making partial payments in WebAdvisor by the tuition deadline does not ensure that you keep your classes. Partial payments are set up through the Payment Plan option on the main page.

Student Schedules

If you need a printout of your course schedule, you may print it from WebAdvisor. The Bookstore will need a copy of your schedule when you go purchase your books. The Records and Registration Office can also print a copy of your schedule.