Start Your Career in Web Development: Programming and Coding
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Start Your Career in Web Development: Programming and Coding

Get started on a career in web development with
Gaston College course

In collaboration with Tech Talent South and TechWorks, Gaston College is offering a course on the fundamentals of creating web sites. Through the 8-week course, Basics of Website Development: Programming and Coding Skills, students will gain tech experience to become proficient with web development frameworks and applications, coding, design, databases, API integrations, server-side languages, software and more. They will master essential techniques on how to be front-line developers and build their own websites.

Tech Talent SouthCourse training will be provided by Tech Talent South (TTS), a Charlotte-based coding boot camp dedicated to fostering talent in technology. Working with Gaston College, Tech Talent South designed the Basics of Website Development course by incorporating elements from some of the courses it offers at its 11 campuses throughout the Southeast.

“Tech Talent South is excited about the workforce development Gaston College is achieving,” said Betsy Hauser Idilbi, TTS founder and CEO. “TTS looks for partnerships and opportunities to provide training and curriculumTechWorks to institutions that are already making a huge impact, and couldn’t be happier to work with Gaston College.

“In addition,” Idilbi continued, “TTS is looking forward to adding this new dimension of technical learning to Gaston County. While watching the area transition from the textile industry, TTS is glad to help bring new opportunities to the area.”

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion and will be able to:

  • Apply the fundamentals of building a web application
  • Apply the core building blocks of the web
  • Build static websites using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap
  • Work with and operate the programming language, Ruby, and the popular web application framework, Rails
  • Build dynamic, database-backed web applications using Ruby on Rails
  • Build web apps from the ground up and deploy the final product so it is live for the world to see
  • Learn pair programming, how to build software as a team, and how to realize a project from conception to production.

No prior coding experience is required to take the course, although having some relevant training may be helpful. Computers will be provided for use during the class or students may bring their own laptop computers, if they prefer. All of the software and the textbooks used in the course are included in the course fee of $2,790.

TechWorks of Gaston County is partnering with Gaston College to offer full scholarships for the course. “I would like to offer scholarships to students with very limited financial resources who have a strong interest in coding, technology, startups, or are very ambitious about learning,” said Terry Cox, executive director of TechWorks. “I also would like to offer scholarships to adults with financial limitations who would like to pursue a technology career path (or a startup) that could provide them with an enriched economic path.Close-up image of software engineer typing on laptop

“For the scholarship,” Cox continued, “I would like to see a strong level of commitment to complete the course and a strong level of enthusiasm or passion to learn about coding. I want to hear their story, why they want to take this course, what they plan to do after they complete the course, and if they would be willing to encourage others to learn to code.”

Employment growth for web developers is projected to be about 27 percent by 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Close to 40,000 positions will need to be filled by that time. Median salary for web developers is $64,970. U.S. News & World Report ranks Web Developer as the #4 Best Technology Job.

“This coding course will open up very good career opportunities for students and adults interested in a career path in technology, where the majority of open jobs exist,” said Cox. “We are becoming a software economy, and all industries are leveraging technology for growth. There are currently over 500,000 open tech jobs in the country, according to These jobs also pay higher salaries. With completion of this course, you can continue to build your skill set with additional coding courses, pursue an entry level technology job, or enhance your high school or college credentials.”

Basics of Website Development is the first of a series of 8-week courses offered by Gaston College. Other courses will include Mobile Applications Development (Including Android and iOS) and Cyber Security.

Students in the Basics of Website Development course will develop the skills to design high-quality websites and will build a web development portfolio. They will benefit from hands-on training and the rigorous coursework, mentoring and support provided by industry professionals in an atmosphere that will be enjoyable and inspiring. “The TTS way is to make learning and connecting fun and challenging,” said Idilbi. “This program focuses on all aspects of building a web application, including user interaction with front-end development, software functionality with back-end development, plus working with databases, APIs, popular frameworks, and more. Students can expect to work hard, learn at a fast pace, join a community and make lots of fun pit stops along the way.”

The Basics of Website Development course meets at the Gaston College Kimbrell Campus in Belmont on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 9 p.m., from Tuesday, August 22, to Thursday, October 12.

To register online for the Basics in Website Development: Programming and Coding Skills course, go to For questions, call Jodi Huffman at 704.922.6250.


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