Questions about Gaston College? ASK US! has the answers
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Questions about Gaston College? ASK US! has the answers

Over 6,000 students enroll in curriculum programs at Gaston College each term, and the Economic and Workforce Development and Continuing Education programs serve over 16,000 students every SGA with ASK Us Tee Shirtsyear. Those students, and thousands of potential students, generate a lot of questions about Gaston College courses, services, tuition, financial aid, class schedules, exams, campuses and faculty, among other topics. ASK US!, a feature of the Gaston College website, is a user-friendly resource that provides the answers to those questions.

ASK US! is an upgrade to the previous inquiry page on the Gaston College website. The new version, launched on July 21, 2015, is easier to access and navigate, and steps have been taken to ensure that the information is current and complete. The ASK US! button is prominently displayed on the website home page. Clicking on that button brings the user to the ASK US! page and a friendly greeting with instructions on how to get started. A drop-down menu allows inquiries about either Degree Seeking (Curriculum) or Non-degree Seeking (Continuing Education) programs. After the user types in and submits a question, the best available answer immediately appears on the page. “Top Questions” lists for each category are featured on the ASK US! page and provide the answers to the most common inquiries, such as “What classes or programs can I take at Gaston College?” and “How do I apply?” The lists are automatically generated by the questions entered.

ASK US! answers are provided by Gaston College Content Managers and those who are familiar with the areas to which the questions pertain. IntelliResponse (IR), the company that provides and hosts the software, tracks the questions and provides reports to the ASK US! team.  Administrators add the answers to the database.

If there is no content in the system for a question that is entered, the user can click “Having trouble finding your answer? Please send us an e-mail.” An e-mail response from the appropriate person at Gaston College will be sent to the user.

“We knew there was a need to help our students get questions answered in a more user-friendly manner,” said Tracy Hutchens, Technology and Data Support Specialist at Gaston College. “With the improvements we’ve made, ASK US! is an even more beneficial tool for our students and those who want to learn more about Gaston College.”

Mass e-mails, mailers, banners, posters, bookmarks and other promotional items have been developed and distributed to publicize the updated tool. To reach ASK US!, visit or click the ASK US! button on the top right corner of the College homepage. The ASK US! link is also available on Smart devices.



SGA photo
Caption: Officers of the Gaston College Student Government Association (left to right – front row) Mildred Brunt, SGA President, Yessenia Morales, (back row) Leonardo Vargas, Michaela Gibson, Ra-Sheem Wideman, and Amanda Barlow, proudly show-off their new T-shirts that help promote the ASK US! informational resource via the college website. ASK US! is an online service designed to assist prospective and current Gaston College students and the community to receive quick responses and answers to frequently asked questions about tuition, financial aid and scholarships, continuing education and more.

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