Gaston College receives $155,399 grant from Senior Service America, Inc.
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Gaston College receives $155,399 grant from Senior Service America, Inc.

Gaston College receives $155,399 grant from  Senior Service America, Inc.:

Older adults to work, receive training, and assist local agencies serving the community

Gaston College announced today that it was awarded a grant of $155,399 from Senior Service America, Inc. Almost 90 percent of this grantor–originally from the U.S. Department of Labor–will provide temporary employment to at least 48 low-income older adults living in Gaston and Lincoln Senior Adult_Male PhotoCounties.  These older adults will participate in the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) a major program of the Older Americans Act.  SCSEP is the only federal government program mandated to assist unemployed older adults seeking to rejoin the workforce by working in their community.

“We are very pleased Gaston College has partnered with us,” said Tony Sarmiento, Executive Director of Senior Service America, the second largest sponsor of SCSEP after a national grant competition held last spring. This is the first program year Gaston College has received this annual SCSEP grant.

“This program delivers a triple win for older adults and the whole community,” said SCSEP Executive Director, Becky McLain. “First, SCSEP participants are helping local community, faith-based, and public agencies carry out their mission, including Salvation Army–Gastonia, Gaston College, Gaston Community Action, Gaston Family Promise, Gaston Skills, NC Works Career Center–Gaston, RIC Management, Gaston Hope in Christ, Crisis Assistance Ministry, Goodwill Job Connection, Crisis Pregnancy Center, NC Works Career Center–Lincoln, Christian Ministry, and Goodwill Stores. Second, older workers are receiving on-the-job training to enhance their skills.  And third, older workers are keeping healthy by remaining connected and not isolated in their community. “

Donna Satterthwaite, Senior Service America Director of Employment Services said “Many low-income older adults want and need paid work and by serving their community; older workers receive renewed skills as well as renewed hope, knowing that they are not forgotten. Older North Carolinians are fortunate to be given the opportunity through SCSEP and the dedicated staff of the Gaston College.”

For more information on Gaston College’s partnership with Senior Service America, Inc., contact Leah Mackey SCSEP Project Director at 704-922-6318 or

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