Gaston College alumna AirestDion is a natural skin care entrepreneur
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Gaston College alumna AirestDion is a natural skin care entrepreneur

Gaston College alumna AirestDion is a natural skin care entrepreneur

The Gaston College Esthetics program gave Airest Dion Newsome the education, training, and confidence to open her own Charlotte-based business, AirestDion Skin Studio. The 2016 graduate is a licensed skin therapist and has developed a line of AirestDion Signature Treatments and natural skin care products that are quickly building a devoted following. She goes by the name AirestDion professionally.

Newsome had dealt with skin problems, including severe acne and hyperpigmentation, for most of her life. She visited several reputable dermatologists, but the expensive medications and treatments they prescribed did not help. That led her to decide on a career in the skin care industry.

In her position as Retreat Director for a massage and skin therapy center, Newsome was responsible for interviewing and hiring skin care professionals. Many of the candidates were graduates of Gaston College and they shared their enthusiasm for the Esthetics program. That led Newsome to enroll in the program in the fall of 2015, determined to find a simple path to achieving and maintaining healthy, vibrant skin.

Through her classes, Newsome gained a deep understanding for how the skin functions and learned that the chemicals in most leading skin care products are toxins to the skin, while naturally occurring ingredients can contribute to skin health.

A practicing vegan, Newsome had experienced first-hand the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and, with her newfound knowledge of the synergetic relationship between plants and the skin, she developed a complete facial treatment protocol using natural oils, hydrosols, herbs and clays to correct unbalanced skin conditions.

“Airest is calming, knowledgeable, and truly has positive energy in her hands,” said Jill Coy, Admissions Coordinator for Health Programs at Gaston College. “I was one of her clients when she was in the Esthetics program and she is the whole package!”

Working at a salon and spa in Charlotte after graduating from Gaston College gave Newsome the opportunity to learn more about the service industry and gain the hands-on experience that would help her as she designed her own business. AirestDion Skin Studio opened in December 2016.

Newsome’s formulas had delivered positive results for her, and her clients are seeing the same benefits. Because purity and quality are of utmost importance, the ingredients in AirestDion Natural Skin Care products are sourced from organic farmers, apothecaries and distilleries inside and outside the United States.

Social media and word of mouth, along with Newsome’s strong connections with the local yoga and wellness community, have given AirestDion Skin Studio a loyal following. Within two years, Newsome plans to expand the salon into a full wellness spa offering body treatments, massage, and natural nail manicures and pedicures.

Gaston College made it possible for Newsome to delve deeper into the science and technology of skincare and to build the self-confidence to formulate and promote her own natural products. “The Esthetics program provided me with the tools necessary to succeed,” she said. “I developed a great foundational understanding of the skin and its functions as well as how to effectively set myself apart as an industry professional.” To learn more about AirestDion Skin Studio, go to

The Gaston College Esthetics program provides competency-based knowledge, scientific/artistic principles, and hands-on fundamentals associated with the art of skin care. For more information about the Gaston College Esthetics Program, call 704-825-6304.

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