Afternoon College at Gaston College Lincoln Campus
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Afternoon College at Gaston College Lincoln Campus

Gaston College has entered a partnership with Lincoln County Schools to establish the Lincoln Afternoon College, through which students in Lincoln County have the opportunity to begin working toward a college degree while still in high school. This program aligns with the N.C. Career & College Promise (CCP) initiative that provides pathways to help advance eligible students’ success after high school.

Participating students will attend their regular high schools for half of the school day and then go to the Gaston College Lincoln Campus for the afternoon to take tuition-free college courses. Students in the 11th or 12th grade who met eligibility requirements and have taken prerequisite courses began taking Afternoon College classes this fall.

The Lincoln Afternoon College is a two-tiered program. The first part is for students interested in obtaining college transfer or general education credits and completing the CCP College Transfer Pathway, which consists of 30 semester hours of credit. Students who choose this pathway are likely interested in pursuing an Associate in Arts Degree followed by a Bachelor’s Degree. The college Afternoon College imagetransfer courses are taught on the Lincoln Campus of Gaston College.

The second tier of the Lincoln Afternoon College is for students who would like to acquire college credit and/or credentials in one of three different career and technical education programs: Criminal Justice, Small Business or Welding. Upon completing the CCP Certificate Pathway in any of these areas, students will be able to graduate from high school and will have earned a Certificate with 15-18 semester hours of credit from Gaston College. Students who choose one of these pathways will likely have a strong interest in one of the three areas and are hoping to gain career skills. The Certificates are stackable and fold into the diploma or degree programs at Gaston College. The career and technical education courses that are a part of the Afternoon College are offered on the campus of the Lincoln County School of Technology.

“The Afternoon College is a great addition to the College, to Lincoln County Schools, and to the students of Lincoln County,” said Dr. John McHugh, Dean of the Lincoln Campus. “There are many people who have worked hard behind the scenes to bring this from an idea to a reality. I believe that this program will continue to grow as the parents and the students realize what a great opportunity this is to have available here in our local community. The start of the Afternoon College in Lincoln County is further evidence of our successful partnership between Gaston College and Lincoln County Schools.”

Kimberly Wyont, Director of Educational Partnerships, said, “The College is super-excited to offer an exceptional education to students in Lincoln County whether the goal is to obtain job-ready skills or earn college transfer credits. The partnership between Lincoln County Schools and Gaston College strives to provide an assortment of options for all students, saving them time and money while getting a jump start on their college education.”
Gaston College and Lincoln County Schools have submitted a Cooperative Innovative High School Program application to the Department of Public Instruction. If the application is approved, the Afternoon College would be able to enroll 10th grade students in tuition-free college courses for the 2016-17 school year.

For more information about the Lincoln Afternoon College, visit the Afternoon College website or contact Kimberly Wyont at or 704-922-6482.

Career and College Promise — Career and College Promise (CCP) of Gaston College provides seamless dual enrollment educational opportunities tuition free for eligible North Carolina private, public, charter and home schooled high school students. CCP includes College Transfer Pathways, Career and Technical Education Certificates, and Cooperative Innovative High School Programs; also known as Early and Middle Colleges.

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