Preceptors/Supervised Practice

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Preceptor/Supervised Practice

There are two (2) components to the Nutrition and Dietetics Technician courses: online and supervised practice. All course work is offered online via the Internet. Gaston College offers students within a two-hour travel proximity to complete the supervised practice at Gaston College and facilities in the surrounding communities.

Students beyond the two-hour proximity are required to locate their own supervised practice preceptors and facility in the United States. Supervised practices completed under the supervision of someone other than Gaston College faculty must meet credentialing agencies requirements.

Guidelines for Preceptors and Students

Supervised Practice

Nutrition and Dietetics Technician Program Supervised Practice Summary

Dietary Manager Certificate Program Supervised Practice Summary

Credit for Prior Learning or Competence

The Gaston College Nutrition and Dietetics Programs do not grant credit for supervised practice hours based on assessment of prior learning or competence; therefore, the Nutrition and Dietetics Programs have no policy for assessing prior learning or competence.