Additional Information

Additional Information

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The BPT program is continually upgrading its facilities.


-a professional-quality multi-camera HDTV production studio with lighting grid
-multi-track digital music recording studios
-WSGE-FM, a 7,500 watt radio station
-student created podcasts on Spreaker
-professional grade field video production packages
-professional grade remote audio recording packages
-twenty-three station software learning lab
-software training in Sony Vegas Pro, ProTools, and Sony Acid Pro
-training in Adobe Photoshop and digital photography offered by the College’s Visual Arts Department
-co-op employment opportunities available at regional broadcast TV and radio stations- public and commercial; independent video production companies, nationally recognized recording studios and sound designers; cable networks like Speed Channel, ESPN, and INSP; live theatre venues with Broadway road show caliber productions; live event production companies


HD Multi-camera Television Studio.
Our new 4+ camera HD TV studio is in operation. It features a Black Magic Design ATEM-2 12-input switcher, 3 teleprompters, an 8 channel Intercom, 24-input audio board, Datavideo graphics generator,a large training control room, an lighting grid with LED, flouro, and tungsten instruments, and HD recording and playback computers.

Video Crew

Students regularly record and edit campus events and activities in studio and in the field for course credit and sometimes for pay. These provide hands-on resume-building production opportunities. Advanced students participate in studio productions that are broadcast on the local Time-Warner cable channel.

Student Internet Webcast Lab

This lab features a professional 8-channel Arrakis Radio Console, Electro-Voice RE20 mics, 2 CD players, vocal processing, and Adobe Audition 3.0 and SAM Broadcaster software for playback and record. Student programs are broadcast globally on the Internet via the podcasting service, Spreaker.

Recording Studio

Our digital multi-track recording studio features an all-new professional-quality equipment with a separate teaching control room. Recording sessions are scheduled several times a week.

-Recording Studio Equipment (26 x 26 digital Pro Tools 10 system)
-Desktop computers with Pro-Tools, and Adobe Audition 3.0
-M-audio Profire 26×26 audio interface (controlling 24 mic/line preamps)
-Focusrite Octopre 8 channel pre-amp
-Focusrite Octopre Dynamic 8 channel pre-amp
-Mackie Universal Pro Controller (16 channel automated digital mixer controlling ProTools 10)
-Pre-Sonus Monitor Station
-M-audio BX8a powered near-field monitors
-Fostex 4-station/4 channel Studio Headphone Monitoring System
-Pre-Sonus EQ3B 2-channel parametric equalizer
-Blue Baby Bottle large diameter condenser mic
-Electro-Voice RE-20 dynamic microphones (3)
-Shure KSM-137 studio condenser microphones (2)
-Shure KSM-32 large diameter studio condenser microphone
-Shure SM-57 dynamic mics (2)
-Shure SM-58 dynamic mics (3)
-Blue EnCore 100-i dynamic microphones (10)
-Avantone CV-12 large diameter tube condenser mic (2)
-AKG C-214 large diameter condenser mic
-Neumann TLM-102 large diameter condenser mic
-Audio-Technica ATH M20 headphones (4)
-Sony Pro125 headphones (3)
-Sennheiser HD202 headphones (8)
-dbx 266XL 2-channel compressor/gate
-Symetrix vocal processor
-dbx 215 2-channel 15-band graphic equalizer
-Neutrik 24×24 TT patch bay Alesis SR-18 Digital Drum/Bass Machine
-Vox VT-50 music amplifier with tube preamp
-Fender Rumble 8 bass amp
-Washburn 4 string electric bass guitar
-Avion/Schecter 6-string electric guitar (Les Paul Jr. style)
-Yamaha PSRE423 digital keyboard
-Yamaha 88-key Clavinova Electric Piano/Keyboard
-Arturia 49-Key Analog Experience Synthesizer
-1:3 stand-alone high-speed DVD-CD burner
-Selection of mic stands, overhead booms, windscreens, pop filters, music stands, guitar stands, cables, and sound control devices

Student Participation on WSGE-FM 91.7

WSGE-FM 91.7, has been a public service of Gaston College for nearly thirty years. In 2011 it became an NPR affiliate. It is heard in a great arc from Charlotte to Concord, Lexington, Boone, Spindale, and most places in between. With a potential audience of 550,000, it provides several opportunities for student broadcasters to learn radio station operations, “hands-on.”


Portable Multi-track Audio Recording Package

This consists of an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8×8 Analog-Digital converter recording onto an HP i5 laptop computer running ProTools. Microphones, stands and cables round out the package. Eight hand-held digital stereo audio recorders are also available.

Student Broadcasting Club

The SBC is a student-run club that assists in promotion of the Broadcasting Program, helping faculty, raising funds for student media festival cash awards, assisting in college-wide SGA events, organizing field trips and guest speakers.

BPT Student Media Festival

The annual medial festival held in early May presents the best works of our students in competition for cash awards and certificates. It is held in conjunction with the BPT programs open house open to all visitors interested in touring the facility and seeing equipment demonstrations.

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