Electronics Engineering Technology

Electronics Engineering Technology

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Electronics Engineering Technology

Gain the electronics knowledge you need to turn your technological interests into a full-time career. This Associate in Applied Science degree draws math-minded individuals, training them to take on a vast array of technician roles. Whether you go on to become a field service technician, electronic tester, electronic systems integrator, or production control technician, our program ensures that you will be equipped with a foundational knowledge of electronic components, equipment, and systems.

The Wide World of Electronics

When students join the program, they enter a wonderfully complex world of microcomputers, analog and digital electronics, circuitry, and computer programming. Our graduates master all of the applications and modern tools relevant to these facets of electronics, gaining access to jobs in the workforce that are specialized and cutting-edge.    

Be an Innovator

Our program provides the opportunity for students to conduct their own electronics project, applying the mathematics, science, engineering, and technology principles they’ve learned to hands-on, creative design work. Our faculty members help students become not only functional technicians but innovative thinkers.

Thorough Training Equals Expertise

We are dedicated to helping students become fluent in electronics systems and processes, which is why they are thoroughly trained to conduct tests, measurements, and experiments for narrowly defined engineering technology activities. When students have the knowledge to design, build, install, test, troubleshoot, and modify electronic systems, they have the expertise they need to succeed.

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Additional Program Information

Associate of Applied Science

Electronics Engineering Technology, A.A.S. (A40200)


Electronics Engineering Technology Certificate (C40200)

Contact Information

Mani Memari, Program Chair – CET-219B

Rama Olson, Instructor – CET-209C