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Therapeutic Massage Practitioner I & II

Continuing Education offers Massage Practitioner I and Massage Practitioner II programs

Students must complete both Therapeutic Massage Practitioner I and Therapeutic Massage Practitioner II Certificates to be eligible to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam.

The Therapeutic Massage certificate program prepares graduates to work in direct client care settings providing manipulation/massage of the soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm, and stress, and to promote health and wellness.

Courses include content in normal human anatomy and physiology, therapeutic massage, ethical /legal issues, business practices, and psychology. Students should be able to perform entry level therapeutic massage with various populations throughout the lifespan.

Employment opportunities include health care facilities, chiropractors’ offices, spas /health/sports clubs, and private practice.

Graduates will:

  1. Plan, organize and deliver an effective massage session.
  2. Perform within the ethical, legal and professional parameters set forth by the N.C. Board of Massage & Bodywork.
  3. Perform massage therapy and bodywork for therapeutic benefits

Tuition Costs

Massage Practitioner I:

Tuition Cost $207.00
Total Hours – 302.5


  • Susan Salvo: Principles of Massage Therapy 6E –  $99.75
  • Susan Salvo: Pathology for Massage Therapist 4E –  $86.00
  • Andrew Biel: Trail Guide to the Body 6E –  $72.95
  • Andrew Biel: Trail Guide to Body Student Workbook –  $29.95
  • Patricia Benjamin: Professional Foundations for Massage Therapist – $89.00

ABMP Exam Coach – $65.00

Note: The above texts will be used for Certificate I & II. Required textbooks are available in the Gaston College Bookstore. You may also call them to place a textbook order at 704.922.6428.


Massage Practitioner II:

Prerequisite: Massage Practitioner I certificate

Tuition Cost $207.00 
Total Hours – 390.5


  • Debra Koener: Success from the Start : Business Principles  for Massage Therapists –  $50.00

Note: Required textbooks are available in the Gaston College Bookstore. You may also call them to place a textbook order at 704.922.6428.

Estimated Course Costs:

Estimated Costs for Certificate I:

  1. Physical Examination: $150.00
  2. Hepatitis B Vaccination Series: $120.00
  3. Registration Fees*: $207.00
  4. Uniforms: $188.00
  5. Textbooks (includes all textbooks listed above): $450.00
  6. Certified Background (Castlebranch): $104.00
  7. Individual Lab Supplies (sheets, face cradle covers): $75.00
  8. Professional One-hour Swedish Massage: $65.00

Total:  $1,359.00

Estimated Costs for Certificate II:

1.Registration Fees: $207.00
2.Textbooks (includes all textbooks listed above): $50.00
3.MBLex Examination & Licensure Fee: 420.00

Total:   $677.00

**Estimate does not include CPR class $50.00
**Estimate does not include price of Massage Table Approx. $400.00 to $700.00

Upon successfully completing Certificate I & II, graduates will be eligible to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLex). Upon passing this exam a candidate may apply for North Carolina State License for Massage and Bodywork. Licensure is MANDATORY to practice massage in the state of North Carolina. Refer to website: for details.

Refund Policy

If a student officially drops from a class or classes before the 10 percent date of the class(es), a 75 percent tuition refund will be given for the class(es) dropped. A 100% refund will be made if the student drops from the class prior to the class start date. No refunds will be given after the 10 percent date. If a course fails to materialize, refunds are automatically processed. (The refund policy is subject to change. Refunds of tuition will be issued in accordance with the current state and college policy.)

To request a refund or transfer within our refund policy guidelines, please email or call 704-922-6232.

How to Apply

Step One:

Fill out an application here. Return signed Technical Standards form with your application to Monica Phillips at

For all other questions you may contact us at

Additional Program Requirements upon admission into the Therapeutic Massage Program:

  • Reliable access to a computer and the internet.Some classes will require you to work online.
  • Proof of receiving a one hour full body Swedish professional massage.
  • A completed Student Health form documenting satisfactory emotional and physical health. This is required by the due date stated in the applicant’s admission letter.
  • Students must earn and maintain a minimum grade of 80% in all Massage Therapy courses in order to progress in the program.
  • Hold a current Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers certification through the American Heart Association.
  • Students will be required to submit documentation of additional non-academic criteria such as, but not limited to, criminal background checks, urine drug testing, and proof of immunizations. If the clinical facility refuses to allow the student to do clinical at the facility based on said findings, the student would not be allowed to continue in the program.
  • Professional liability insurance (malpractice insurance). This insurance is arranged through the Therapeutic Massage program.

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Clinical agencies reserve the right to deny a student access to the facility based on failure to meet the above requirements. If a student is denied access to any clinical agency, the student will not be allowed to continue in the Therapeutic Massage program. Detailed information regarding these agency requirements will be provided upon conditional acceptance into the Therapeutic Massage program.















Therapeutic Massage Practitioner I & II