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Gaston College (GC)
Career and College Promise (CCP) Program

Guide to Enrolling in CCP Programs – Fall Semester 2014
(Checklist for Counselors and CDC’s)

1. Counselors meet with students, and complete CCP Enrollment Forms. Completion of a new form is required for all students each semester.

2. New students complete online GC Application for Admissions:

  • Use correct social security number
  • Choose correct CCP pathway; pathways are listed at the top of the drop-down menu
  • Use “F” for Freshman (not “T” for Transfer)
  • Print copy of confirmation page once application is submitted

3. If test scores are required, students must complete Application prior to taking the ACCUPLACER test.

4. Attach required documentation

  • Copy of online application confirmation page for new students
  • Copy of an assessment with scores that demonstrate college readiness for all College Transfer
  • Pathways and some CTE Pathways – see pathway sequences
  • Official high school transcript in sealed envelope

5. Please take completed CCP packets to the front office of your high school by 9:00 a.m. on Monday, May 19. A representative from GC will pick up packets from each high school that day. (Incomplete enrollment forms will be returned to the high school with the request that they be resubmitted with needed information, and this will cause a delay in registering the student.)

Beginning Tuesday, May 20, private school and home school students in Gaston County should call 704-922-6297 to schedule a time to deliver completed CCP packets. In Lincoln County, the number to call is 704-748-5207.

6. Once students are registered in early July, their schedule will be mailed to them.

7. Once registration is complete, a comprehensive list will be sent to each high school.