New 911 Communications and Operations Program Partnership

Gaston College and Richmond Community College have announced a joint 911 Communications and Operations curriculum that will allow students at Gaston College to complete the program’s courses online at Richmond Community College. This exciting new collaboration between the two colleges will enrich the students’ education and pave the way for them to potentially land jobs in various emergency dispatch organizations in the future.

“This is a unique step for Gaston College as Richmond Community College is actually the first college to offer a 911 Communications and Operations curriculum in North Carolina. I know our students will benefit greatly from the knowledge and insights gained while taking these courses,” said Gaston College President Dr. John Hauser.

“It’s an honor to partner with Gaston College as we expand our new 911 Communications and Operations program. I appreciate the trust placed in us by President Hauser and Dr. Woodson to provide their students a pathway to a great career as telecommunicators,” said Dr. Dale McInnis, President of Richmond Community College. “Our students, communities and employers all benefit when we build on our respective strengths and collaborate.”

The implementation of the 911 Communications and Operations curriculum between the two schools will be a way to provide both students and current practitioners with knowledge and useful skills in particular areas necessary for entrance advancement with emergency communications while earning a public safety communication specialist associate degree.

Students will gain invaluable knowledge in different areas of coursework including basic software, personnel management and supervision, grant writing, mental health awareness, and more. The skillsets of each student will expand significantly, and students will grasp a deeper understanding of emergency communications while preparing themselves for a post-grad world.

Representatives from Gaston College and Richmond Community College sign instructional services agreement for 911 Communications and Operations Program

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