Local military veteran enrolls at Gaston College to change career path

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have taken the time to think about what makes them feel fulfilled, and many have realized their current path was not the right one for them. This has led people to quit their jobs and seek a new one or even change career fields. Others have decided to go back to college and continue their education or, in some cases, go to college for the first time. Jesse Greene, a former U.S. military intelligence analyst, has found himself a part of this movement and is re-writing his future by studying Electronics Engineering Technology at Gaston College. 

Jesse served in the military for several years before he was honorably discharged with post-traumatic stress disorder and a torn Achilles tendon.  Going from serving his country to sitting in a classroom is a challenge Jesse is learning to overcome day by day. Jesse says while his courses can be challenging, his classmates and instructors have been invaluable helping him understand the material.  

“I myself have found my brain rattling in this cage and wondering how I get out of the things I know and push to a new level of intellect. As I learned in the military, the trick is to not give up,” said Jesse.  

The decision to return to college is one Jesse says he has found he’s not alone in. Talking with other students in class, Jesse says many of his peers have also decided to take this leap of faith to return to college and pursue what they’re truly passionate about as a career. Jesse says he has been interested in electronics since he was little and felt studying Electronics Engineering Technology was the right path for him.  

“I have always had an affinity for electronics,” said Jesse. “Even as a little child I always wanted to break little gadgets down, unscrew them, and see what the components were.”  

After Gaston, Jesse hopes to jump into the workforce by combining his interest in electronics with cars and working with electric vehicles. Ideally, Jesse says, he wants to work at an assembly plant in the area or do repairs at a car dealership. In either role, Jesse says he hopes to continue to help others and genuinely enjoy the work he’s doing.  


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