Scholarships are available for Gaston College Continuing Education students

Gaston College Continuing Education students are encouraged to apply for GEER and SECU scholarships that help cover the cost of tuition, fees, books, supplies, credentialing tests, transportation, childcare, and other components of the cost of attendance.

The Governor’s Emergency Education Relief, or GEER, Scholarship awards are determined locally and are based on student need, local industry needs, the number of eligible students, and the cost of the course. Eligible students will receive a maximum of $750 per course. If the course is less than $750, scholarship recipients will still receive this amount and may use the excess funds as additional support. Students can apply and receive the scholarship multiple times if they enroll in different programs. However, they must successfully complete each course before receiving additional GEER Scholarship funding.

To qualify for GEER scholarships, Gaston College students must currently reside in North Carolina, be enrolled or planning to enroll in one of the programs listed below, and must comply with the attendance policy of the program or course.

  • Nurse Aide I & II
  • Truck Driver Training
  • Therapeutic Massage Practitioner I & II
  • Nutrition and Foodservice Professional Training
  • Certified Production Technician
  • Fire & Rescue Training
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Basic Law Enforcement Training

Also available are $500 scholarships from the State Employees Credit Union Scholarship, or SECU. The SECU Foundation established the SECU Bridge to Career Program to help remove financial barriers for students seeking to obtain state-regulated or industry-recognized credentials through their local community college’s Workforce Continuing Education division.

To qualify for SECU Scholarships, Gaston College students must be U.S. citizens and reside in North Carolina, be enrolled in one of the eligible programs or courses, and not be a director, employee, or family member of an employee of SECU or the SECU Foundation.

Programs eligible for the SECU scholarship are:

  • Nurse Aide I & II
  • Truck Driver Training
  • Emergency Medical Services

“We are pleased to offer our Continuing Education students the opportunity to apply for these valuable scholarships,” said Greg Smith, Vice President of Economic Workforce Development. “The GEER and SECU scholarships enable students to participate in the high-demand workforce training programs that can put them on track for rewarding careers.”

Students must be enrolled in the eligible classes to apply for and receive the GEER and SECU scholarships. Applications for the scholarships will be distributed to students on the first day of their classes. For more information about the GEER or SECU scholarships, contact or 704.922.2244.

Gaston College students are encouraged to apply for other grants and scholarships available at the College. For more information, visit Scholarships.


Massage Therapy Students

The Governor’s Emergency Education Relief, or GEER, Scholarship awards $750 per class to eligible continuing education students at Gaston College. The eight program or courses are available for training are Therapeutic Massage Practitioner I & II, Nutrition and Foodservice Professional Training, Certified Production Technician, Fire & Rescue Training, Basic Law Enforcement Training, Nurse Aide I & II, Truck Driver Training, and Emergency Medical Services.

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