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Q:  Why do I have to take a DMA course?

A:  These courses are designed to give students a review on concepts they may not remember or mastered in previous educational settings.  The DMA courses are pre-requisite classes for curriculum math classes, MAT 110, MAT 143, MAT 152, MAT 171.  Upon entering the MAT curriculum courses, instructors assume you have mastered the concepts taught in the DMA courses.

Q:  What DMA courses do I need for the curriculum math courses?

A:  For MAT 110 you will need DMA 010-030, for MAT 143 and MAT 152, you will need DMA 010-050.  For MAT 171, you will need DMA 010-050, 065.

Q:  How many DMA classes can I register for in one semester?

A:  You can register for up to 4 DMA classes during one semester.

Q:  Can I take a DMA pretest or posttest at home?

A:  No.  You must take them on campus in a proctored environment.  You can take the tests either in the CET 114 (Dallas Campus) or CSB 025 (Lincoln Campus) labs during the posted times.  You can also take the tests in the Dallas Campus Learning Center (704-922-6349) or in the Lincoln Campus Learning Center (704-748-5236).  You must call the Learning Center to make an appointment.

Q:  Does a grade for a DMA class affect my GPA?

A:  No.  The grade given for the DMA classes is either a “P” for Pass or an “R” for Repeat.  Neither of these grades affect your GPA.

Q:  Will retaking a DMA class affect my Financial Aid?

A:  The answer to this question may vary by student.  Please call the Financial Aid Office (704-922-6227 or 704-922-2453) to get financial aid information that is individualized to your situation.

Q:  Is there a textbook for the DMA classes?

A:  No.  There is no textbook to purchase, however, you must purchase an access code for the online component of the class.  This access code is a one-time purchase that is good for all DMA classes you have to take.

Q:  Which internet browser is best to use with the online portions of DMA classes:

A:  The internet browser that works best for the online components of DMA and DRE classes is Mozilla Firefox.