Messages from the President

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June 18, 2020

Over the past few weeks, my journey as Gaston College’s new President has given me the opportunity to meet with many of our talented faculty and staff. With every person I met, including many of our students, I felt the genuine care and passion for excellence in educating, learning, and leading. It is these principles that help to define who we are as a College, and it is with these principles that we aspire to become better in all that we do.

Last week, I shared with the Gaston College Community my personal sentiments about the recent series of racial incidents, and the serious issues we continue to face in our nation, state, and local communities. I’ve had many insightful and inspiring conversations since then and I thank all of those who shared their personal stories with me and other leadership at the College. We are listening and learning to better understand how we can facilitate and support meaningful change.

In keeping with our College Vision, Mission, and Core Values, we stand against and condemn racial inequality, injustice, and all forms of discrimination. We are committed to ensuring a campus environment where all persons feel safe, respected, and valued, and we will continue to promote cultural awareness and respect through education, learning, and leading. To support our commitment, we will:

  • Engage our College leadership, faculty, and staff in important and relevant training on cultural diversity and inclusion.
  • Review our policies in an effort to strengthen the foundation of our commitment.
  • Look for innovative ways to foster greater dialogue to better understand what is needed and how we can work to meet those needs.

This is not a short-term commitment, and we are dedicated to being part of the solution. There are sure to be challenges along the way, but we will learn from our experiences and move forward with a determination to make a difference and inspire others to follow our lead. As always, we must remain committed to our Core Values, which include a strong belief in the principles of respect, equity, and access, and that our similarities and differences are opportunities for establishing a common bond that strengthens our Gaston College family.

We will do this together, because we know that, Together, WE Create Success!