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The Office of Student Activities

Student Government Activities - SGA

The Office of Student Activities mission is to welcome and integrate students into campus life through involvement in student organizations, and enhance students’ co-curricular experiences through activities.

The Office of Student Activities is responsible for advising the Student Government Association (SGA), the Men of Excellence (MOE): Minority Male Mentoring Program, the Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society Gaston College Chapter, the Inter-Club Council,  the David Belk Cannon Scholarship Mentoring Program and the Student Ambassador Program.

Along with advising these particular groups the Coordinator of Student Activities is a resource for all faculty and staff club advisors helping to coordinate all club campus activities and fundraisers. In addition, this office is responsible for the production of the Student Handbook, the approval of all campus postings (flyers) and the approval of all student club/organizations campus activities.

The Office of Student Activities is located on the 2nd floor of the Myers Center (MC 205). Office hours are typically from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday and from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday, holidays excluded. During the summer months, the office is closed on Fridays.

Contact: Coordinator of Student Activities at 704-922-6312.

Please address all written correspondence to:

Gaston College, The Office of Student Activities,

Attn: Student Activities Coordinator, Box 93

201 Hwy 321 South, Dallas, NC 28034-1499

Office: 704-922-6312 and Fax: 704-922-2344

General Information

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Active Student Clubs and Organizations

Please click here for the listing of clubs and organizations that are provided at Gaston College.

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Club Activities and Fundraisers
Club activities are approved at several levels. The club advisor is the first to give permission for an activity. Approval is indicated with a signature on the Club and Organization Activity and Fundraiser Clearance Form. The signature of the advisor is a commitment to be present at the activity and give it the proper supervision. After the advisor gives approval the information about the activity is presented to the Inter-Club Council. The support of other college clubs is assured from this presentation to the ICC. The chairperson and advisor of this group sign the form in the appropriate blocks. After the club advisor and ICC representatives sign; the signatures of others are secured as needed. For example, if security is required for the event, campus police must sign the form. The final signature needed to begin the activity is the Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management. This signature is the final approval for the activity. The activity clearance form with its signed approvals is filed in the Office of Student Activities.

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Club Advising Resources for Faculty and Staff

The Club and Organization Advisor Handbook is a document that was created to assist all faculty and staff advisors in the appropriate function and flow of their organization. Click on the link for a pdf version of the Organizational Advising Handbook.

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David Belk Cannon Family Scholars
The David Belk Cannon Family Scholarship was established to financially assist students who wish to attend Gaston College and to honor the memory of Mr. Cannon's two children, David Belk Cannon Jr. and Rebecca Belk Cannon, who died tragically in a fire in 1964.  The scholarship also serves as a memorial to Mr. Cannon, who died in 1998.  Since its establishment in 1996, the scholarship has financially assisted hundreds of students, enabling them to pursue their goal of a college education.  Along with financial assistance, there is also a mentoring program designed to assist the student with the social and academic changes with attending college.

Students who are interested in applying for a David Belk Cannon Scholarship must submit the application to the Office of Financial Aid via the STARS Online Scholarship Program.

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Gaston College Calendar
The Gaston College Calendar is published every two years.  Students are responsible for following the dates/deadlines that are outlined in the College Calendar.

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Inter-Club Council
The ICC coordinates all activities sponsored by campus student organizations. It is charged with the responsibility of approving all efforts by Gaston College clubs including fund-raising. Membership is composed of representatives from each of the campus clubs. All student clubs organized and active on campus shall be subject to the rules and regulations promulgated by the ICC. Also, in order to be recognized by the college, a club must submit to the ICC on an annual basis a listing of officers, advisor(s), and schedule of meetings to be held. The ICC shall have the right to suspend or terminate a club upon the receipt of administrative or student complaints after an appropriate hearing. Click here for the By-Laws of the Inter-Club Council.

SGA - The voice of the students

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Procedure for Starting New Student Clubs
When a group of students recognizes a common interest, which it wishes to strengthen through formal organization, a written proposal should be submitted to the Coordinator of Student Activities. The proposal should show the need for the organization, its purpose, its goal and/or objectives, number of persons interested, name of sponsor and the constitution. If a faculty, staff, or student is interested in starting a club, please contact the Coordinator of Student Activities for further information at 704-922-6312.

  • If the Coordinator of Student Activities and the Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management concurs in the formation of the organization, the group will present the proposal to the Inter-Club Council.
  •  If the Inter-Club Council concurs in the formation of the organization, its representative will present the proposal to the Student Government Association for final action.
  • If the proposal is approved, the SGA will grant recognition conferring all the privileges and responsibilities accorded similar organizations.

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Student Activity Fee
The maximum student activity fee is $12.00 per person or $1.50 per credit hour.  The money collected from these fees funds a variety of student activities, student growth opportunities, and leadership development opportunities on campus and through conference attendance, workshops and guest speakers.

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Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassadors represent the College at campus and community events and have the opportunity to interact with college, community and civic leaders. The program affords students the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Student Ambassadors must be enrolled in at least six (6) or more credit hours each semester for the academic school year. For further information, please contact the Coordinator of Student Activities information at 704-922-6312.

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Student Government Association (SGA)

On the Behalf of Gaston College, We welcome you. The Student Government Association (SGA) is known as the voice of the students. However, we are all part of this organization. To have the students voices heard is one of the main reasons for having this organization. Another is to unite the students, faculty, staff, administration, and community together as a whole.

Our focus is to see that every student on campus is involved in activities along with becoming more informed about what is happening on our campus. During SGA Senate meetings, students discuss campus activities, improvements, and issues. You do not have to be a senator in order to bring your thoughts to the group. All are welcomed, so please come and voice your opinions. If you are interested in becoming more involved as a student leader you can contact us at 704-922-6472 or stop by the Myers Center, Room 216. We look forward to meeting you.

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Student Handbook
All students are responsible for following the rules and regulations of the College as   outlined in the Student Handbook.   A limited number of printed Student Handbooks can be obtained at the Welcome Center or in the Office of Student Activities on the second floor of the Myers Center.

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SGA - Student Government Association

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