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QB 14 .L36 2006, A companion to astronomy and astrophysics / Kenneth R. Lang

QB 15 .C36 1997, The Cambridge illustrated history of astronomy / Michael Hoskin

QB 34.5 .S63 2016, The glass universe: how the ladies of the Harvard Observatory… / Dava Sobel

QB 35 .P56 2013, Pioneers in astronomy and space exploration / Michael Anderson

QB 36 .S15 D38 1999, Carl Sagan: a life / Keay Davidson

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QB 44.3 .D53 2002, The backyard astronomer’s guide / Terence Dickinson & Alan Dyer

QB 46 .A88 2012, Astronomy: understanding the universe / Sherman Hollar

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Children’s Books

QB 54 .A89 1975, Who’s out there? : The search for extraterrestrial life / Thomas G. Aylesworth

QB 983 .S55 1999, The Universe / Seymour Simon


Films on Demand

Hidden Wonders of the Sun / Empire of the Sun / BBC

Eclipses / The Universe Video Clip Collection / QA International

Photographing the Corona / The Secret Life of the Sun / BBC

Total Solar Eclipse / Empire of the Sun / BBC


Pathways to Exploration: Rationales and Approaches for a U.S. … / Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board

Princeton Frontiers in Physics Series: What Does a Black Hole Look Like? / Charles D. Bailyn

Time and Space: Second Edition / Barry Dainton

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