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High School Equivalency Diploma/Adult High School

High School Equivalency Diploma

Adult High School

High School Equivalency Diploma
  • Some students may need to refresh their basic skills in reading, math, and writing before they begin the HIGH SCHOOL EQIVALENCY DIPLOMA program. ADULT BASIC EDUCATION (ABE) provides basic skills preparation for adults who are not ready to begin High School Equivalency Diploma program materials. ABE focuses on developing the skills to get a job, including reading, math, writing, and critical thinking. High School Equvalency Diploma focuses on the preparation for the High School Equivalency exam, which includes five tests in the areas of Language Arts - Writing, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts - Reading, and Math.
  • Students are first given a placement test to determine their reading, math, and writing skill levels. Most students go through a study program to prepare for High School Equivalency testing. Instruction is provided in a structured classroom program or in a study lab setting where students work at their own pace with instructors available to assist them when needed. Study site hours vary depending on site location. Practice tests are given to determine when a student is ready for the High School Equivalency exam. For more information, call 704-922-6320.

High School Equivalency Diploma Testing

  • The fee for High School Equivalency Diploma testing is only $120.00. (Effective 01/01/14) 
  • Upon successful completion of the High School Equvalency tests, the student will receive a high school equivalency diploma from the North Carolina Department of Community Colleges.
  • For more information, call 704-922-6321 or 704-922-6316.

Request Official High School Equivalency Diploma Transcript

To request an official High School Equivalency transcript, click:


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Adult High School Diploma (AHS)

Adult High School Diploma (AHS) offers day and evening courses for high school credit to adults who desire to complete their high school diploma.  This program parallels the traditional high school diploma.  A student must score 9th grade on the reading assessment test in order to enter the Adult High School. 

  • There is no tuition for the program; however, students must purchase their own books, which average between $10.00-$25.00 per credit taken.
  • Each student must request an official transcript from the last school attended.  The transcript is evaluated to determine the number of credits already earned and the ones still needed for completion of the diploma.  The number of credits required is determined by the student’s original graduation date.
  • Day and evening classes are offered on a semester system.  For more information, call 704-922-6318 at the Dallas Campus or 704-748-1045 at the Lincoln Campus.

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