Paralegal Technology

Paralegal Technology PLOs

Program Learning Outcomes

Paralegal Technology, A.A.S. (A25380)

 Graduates will:

  1. Define basic civil, civil injuries, criminal, domestic, and business law concepts, as well as an understanding of the role of the paralegal in our legal system.
  2. Perform basic research of defined legal questions by traditional and electronic means and properly cite legal authorities.
  3. Describe legal ethics and use of the NC rules of Professional Conduct.
  4. Describe the court system and the litigation process and assist an attorney in the preparation and filing of legal documents.

 Paralegal Technology-Paralegal Office Administration Certificate (C25380)

 Graduates will:

  1. Identify basic legal concepts, including the proper role of the paralegal in the practice of law.
  2. Demonstrate effective use of computer skills and technology to perform office functions relevant to the legal field.


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