Information Technology-Network & Security

IT-Network & Security PLOs

Program Learning Outcomes

Information Technology-Network & Security, A.A.S. (A25590NS)

 Graduates will:

  1. Demonstrate the proper use of terminology in relation to networking and security.
  2. Identify legal, ethical, social, and security issues related to networking and security.
  3. Install, manage, and maintain workstation and server operating system software.
  4. Create plans for intrusion detection solutions and identify best practices for the defense of systems.

Information Technology-Network & Security Introductory Certificate (C25590F)

 Graduates will:

  1. Utilize introductory techniques and applications involved with networking & security

 Information Technology-Network & Security Advanced Certificate (C25590G)

 Graduates will:

  1. Utilize advanced techniques and applications involved with networking and security.


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