Information Technology-Digital Media

The Digital Media programs prepare students for entry-level jobs in the digital design, multimedia, and Web technologies industry. Students learn to synthesize multimedia, graphics, hypertext, programming, and information architecture using both Internet and non-network-based media.

Students develop skills in communication, critical thinking, and problem solving, as well as interface design, multimedia formats, application programming, and data architecture. The curriculum develops technical skills through practical applications that employ current and emerging standards and technologies.

Graduates should qualify for employment as Web designers, graphic artists/designers, multimedia specialists, Web developers, Web content specialists, interface designers, and many jobs yet to be defined in this expanding field.

Information Tech-Digital Media

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Associate of Applied Science


Contact Information

Dr. Mark Shellman, Chair

Dan Gore, Faculty

Kelly Hinson, Faculty

Bob Menard, Faculty

Linc Pauley, Faculty

Angie Rudd, Faculty

Dr. Sharlene Smith, Faculty

Jimmy Warren, Faculty

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