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July 2nd Residual ACT scores are now available at the KHTC.  Please bring valid photo ID.

 ACT Testing

Gaston College offers the National ACT Assessment on six national test dates each year. The Residual ACT is offered for students who are unable to test on a national date. An ACT Testing schedule is posted below. Additional information about the ACT may be found at The ACT is required for admission consideration into the following programs: Health and Fitness Science, Medical Assisting, Phlebotomy, and the PN program.

Test scores for the March 13 Residual ACT are available at the KHTC.  Please bring valid picture ID.

ACT Preparation Workshops

ACT workshops are now available to help improve your knowledge about the content areas covered on the ACT, provide some strategies to reduce test-taking anxiety, and to increase your overall score on the exam.




 2013-2014 ACT Information

ACTGaston College offers the ACT Assessment on six national test dates each year. Students needing to take the ACT are strongly encouraged to register for one of these national dates if at all possible. The Residual ACT is primarily offered for students who are unable to take the assessment on a national date.

Before taking the ACT, students should take the College placement test (unless it is not required because of previous placement test scores or credits). The College Placement test is required for all new students applying for admission to Gaston College. If students’ Collge Placement scores place them into ENG 080, ENG 090, RED 070, RED 080, RED 090, MAT 060, and/or MAT 070, it is strongly recommended that they take and pass those courses before registering for the ACT. 

National ACT Assessment Fee:  For the assessment only-No Writing: $36.50 fee if paid by regular registration deadlines, $52.50 for Plus Writing. Additional fees may apply, go to  ** Students taking the National ACT for admission to Gaston College Health Science programs DO NOT need to register for the optional Writing test**

2013-2014 National ACT Dates

February 8, 2014 (Saturday) 

 7:45 AM

David Belk Cannon Health Ed. Institute 

April 12, 2014 (Saturday)

 7:45 AM

David Belk Cannon Health Ed. Institute 

 June 14, 2014 (Saturday)

 7:45 AM

David Belk Cannon Health Ed. Institute 

September 13, 2014 (Saturday) 

7:45 AM 

David Belk Cannon Health Ed. Institute 

 October 25, 2014 (Saturday)

7:45 AM 

David Belk Cannon Health Ed. Institute 

December 13, 2014 (Saturday) 

 7:45 AM

David Belk Cannon Health Ed. Institute 

2014 Residual ACT Dates
($33.50 fee - seating limited to 47 examinees per session- test scores are not transferable to outside institutions)


Wednesday, July 2,             1:00 PM                          CAS209
 Thursday, August 21,       1:00 PM                            CAS 209
 Wednesday, September 10, 1:00 PM                        CAS 209
Thursday, September 25, 1:00 PM                              CAS 209
Thursday, November 6, 1:00 PM                                CAS 209
Wednesday, November 19, 1:00 PM                          CAS 209
Monday, December 8, 1:00 PM                                   CAS 209
Tueday, December 16,    1:00 PM                               CAS 209



To register for the National ACT:  The quickest and easiest way to register for the National ACT is online.  Please visit for registration options.  With online registration, you will know immediately if your preferred test center has space for you to test and you can print your admission ticket.  Payment for the ACT may be paid online as well. 
If you want to pay by check, you must request an ACT registration packet to be mailed to you.  Individual Register-by-Mail packet instructions may be found at

As of the 2010-2011 testing year, ACT has added online options for students with disabilities who can test at national test centers .

Standbys are not guaranteed admission to the test.  Please click for instructions about standby testing.  Because advance arrangements are necessary, students trying to test standby cannot request accommodations.

National ACT results are mailed to the student's home address, as well as any college recipient the student indicates, in approximately 4-6 weeks.  ACT also offers the option of checking National ACT scores free of charge via the Internet about 10 days after testing.  Scores may arrive later than the typical time frame for students who tested as standbys.

To register for the Residual ACT:  Students must go to the Gaston College Business Office and pay $33.50 and then bring their receipt to the Katherine Harper Testing Center, Room 209, on the Dallas Campus or the Counseling Center at the Lincoln campus, Room 209B, to schedule an appointment.  Residual ACT results are returned to the Katherine Harper Testing Center, Room 209, in about 3-4 weeks.  Students must come to the Katherine Harper Testing Center in person to receive their scores. A photo ID will be required prior to obtaining scores. 

What is the difference in the Residual and National ACTs?

Residual ACT

National ACT

The scores from the Residual test can only be used at Gaston College.  They cannot be transferred to another school.  The scores are valid for use at Gaston College for 5 years.

The scores from the National test can be transferred elsewhere.  The scores are valid for use at Gaston College for 5 years.

The Residual test can be taken as many times as needed. However, there must be a 60-day waiting period between Residual test dates.

The National test can be taken as many times as needed.  There is no waiting period between test dates.

The Residual test costs $33.50. Students should pre-pay in the Gaston College Business Office, obtain a receipt of pre-payment, and bring their receipt to the Counseling Center in order to register for a Residual test date. There are only 47 seats per Residual test.  Registration for each Residual test is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The National test costs $35.00 (as long as students register before the published registration deadline indicated on the National ACT website.)

Students will be provided date, time and location of Residual test once they register for it in the Counseling Center.

Students will be mailed information on test date, time, and location once ACT has received their registration information.

Students who may require testing accommodations based on disability must provide the Gaston College Special Needs Counselor with the appropriate documentation at the time of test registration.

Students who may require testing accommodations for the National ACT must follow the guidelines outlined on the National ACT website.

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